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Prevent invasion, reduce risk, limit loss, and sustain resilience

We offer a complete range of Intelligence services and security solutions to corporate and government agencies.

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Our Most Popular Services

Trust, Security and Exclusive Technology for Defense Agency

24/7 Evidence Collection and Analysis

Using unique collection skills, we work together with our clients’ legal teams, providing them with relevant materials and reports on specific areas of interest to help the legal team promote our clients’ interests.

Electronic Bug Detection

We utilise equipment manufactured by the best in the technical surveillance counter measures industry. Our investigators can detect both covert audio and video bugs, GPS tracking devices and landline wiretaps.

Covert Human Intelligence

Covert Human Intelligence offers the ability to conduct discreet inquiries utilizing operational field agents to gather verbal information which can be used as intelligence.

IMSI Catcher with Cyber Ops

Tracing a Mobile Phone and Locating it's presice location with the help of "Made in India" IMSI Catcher and exploring capabilities from the target device...

Data Breach Investigations

A breach, be it from an internal source or via external parties is highly damaging and will lead to a change in public perception of that organisation.

24/7 Activeness # Responsive # Available

Serving Clients in India Proudly

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