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#Integrity #Intelligence and #CyberDefence


1 / Asset Tracing

Keyzotrick Intelligence specialises in transforming unfiltered data into reliable insight and evidence. Our expert asset-tracing operations have been successful in locating hidden valuables and debtors both nationally and internationally.

2 / Anti Parole Jumping/ Bounty Hunters/ Bail Enforcement Agents

Introduced for the first time in India, we provide breakthrough bail enforcement services that make sure criminals and fugitives on parole return to complete their sentences. With our top-notch agents, we bring in innovative investigative methodologies to assist the judiciary with promised accuracy.

3 / Secure Storage and Disposal of Data

Protecting data against damage or destruction due to intentional or unintentional action as well as from illegal access and usage is of great importance today. We maintain stringent confidentiality and retain data availability so that the customer may access the data through our secure communication route from anywhere in the globe.

4 / VOIP Call Tracing and Spam Call Detection

Tracing back the IP of the unknown calls and its originating stations. Detecting the Identity of the person calling from Unknown Number or Hidden Caller ID.

5 / Social Media Campaign Management

With the Expertise and Support of Tech Echelons, Keyzotrick excels in Social engineering, Political Intelligence, and executing well-coordinated assistance in carrying out the vision of the concerned entity.

6 / Fraud Detection Consultancy

Crime against businesses is increasing, with businesses facing major financial losses, compliance and regulatory infringement, and even criminal proceedings. We offer professional and tactful assistance in providing investigative solutions to meet the legal standards required for criminal prosecutions, civil recovery, or disciplinary sanctions around the globe.

7 / Data Breach Investigations

Keyzotrick Intelligence has conducted Data Breach Investigations and Unauthorised Disclosure Investigations for both corporate clients and Government departments in India and overseas.

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