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KEYZOTRICK INTELLIGENCE TRAINING ACADEMY (referred as “KITA”) is a first of its kind Cyber Training Academy set up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.  The exponential impact of such Cyber skilled people can lead to a huge downfall in the number of Cyber crimes taking place today.


As per the latest data of the National Crime Records Bureau released by the Union Home Ministry, Gujarat saw a spike in the number of cyber crime cases and it ranked 13th out of 29 states and seven Union territories with the overall cyber crime rate of 0.7%.


It is believed the only thing worse than a machine breaking down is a malicious hacker breaking in. With KiTA, you can prepare for the avoidable by securing your processes and empowering your team. We empower manufacturing teams to defend against real-world threats through virtual penetration testing labs, hands-on skills development, and guided educational modules.


The rise of digital technologies has significantly heightened the vulnerability of the manufacturing sector to cyber threats. Therefore, it is crucial to have a well-prepared team with the necessary skills and resources to safeguard your business assets effectively. Our training program enables you to enhance your team's expertise and provide them with the latest tools and methods essential for addressing the cybersecurity issues encountered by integrated companies worldwide.

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